Alpha program

Community leadership

Our dedicated community is at the center of our vision for Honey. We plan on having the most active members of our community engage with our development through our Alpha testing program, allowing everyone to part take in building the future of DeFi.

What is the program?

Members of the program accompany us at every step of the development process.
As we explore the potential for NFTs in DeFi, it is becoming clear that there is an infinite amount of use cases we can develop. Honey is at the forefront of creating these use cases, and we depend on you, the community, to test all of these use cases.
Members of the early alpha program can pitch their ideas to the community. These propositions detail a particular use case for NFTs in the DeFi ecosystem. After a community vote, the development team and community developers build the use case and airdrop the test NFTs to the community.
After the airdrop, there will be a one week testing period where alpha members test the utility of the product and its features. Developers will collect feedback to implement into the final version of the utility NFT. If the testing goes successfully, we will seek to implement it into our own ecosystem, and later offer it to other platforms.
These alpha events will include rewards for all participants, who will each receive our Honey reward token for their commitment.

How to participate?

You will need to join our discord and type the command /alpha in the #support channel. Our Beekeepers will take it from there.