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Borrow and lend with your NFTs
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🏦 NFT collateralisation is being tested in our 🧪alpha program​
📚 Honey resources is live ! All of the information you need about Honey.
📑 Code has been open sourced, feel free to contribute​
Honey Finance introduces the most scalable approach to NFT lending, allowing lenders to earn yield on stable coins while borrowers receive instant liquidity on NFTs.
Our mission is to enable NFT holders to easily access DeFi opportunities.
NFTs today have a few critical flaws which bottleneck their growth. NFTs are illiquid, lead to unrealised gains, and present their holders with a massive opportunity cost, relative to what the same capital would yield if passively invested in DeFi.
Our protocol offers liquidity solutions for NFTs, and solves the problem of opportunity cost, by allowing users to set their non-fungible assets as collateral on peer-to-contract loans.
Honey can also be used by projects to easily set up token farms. These community farms accrue fees which provide revenue to our DAO, allowing us to reduce protocol fees on lending and borrowing.
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