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Borrow and lend with your NFTs

What is Honey ?

Honey Finance is a lending and borrowing protocol for long tail assets, allowing instant liquidity for derivatives, NFTs, and real world assets.
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I want liquidity for my NFTs
I want to earn higher yields
I want to earn fees
Borrowing on Honey Finance provides instant liquidity for NFTs.
Lenders can obtain high interest rates by having exposure to NFTs, due to illiquidity.
Eearn fees by creating your own market on Honey. Allow lenders and borrowers to interact in your market, and earn fees on the volume they generate.

Where to start ?

The Honey Finance protocol is decentralised, thus its programs can be accessed by multiple frontends (websites) which allow users to interact with its programs.
Honey Labs inc.
(Polygon beta)
(Arbitrum beta)
Community fork
Local host
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