Honey user driven support

Users can choose below the area in which they need help, and fill in the information required and our Moderators can assist with any issues. Along with this our Development and Core team also assist with the support process to strive towards feed-back driven development. This is the process where our development team directly integrates the issues brought up in our tickets into their development cycle. Users, therefore , have a more direct impact on fixing bugs and UI/UX. Our support system is accessible to anyone on our discord, even without roles! Join here:

Our ticket options include:

  • 💸Loan Support - For both lending and borrowing issues.

  • 🥩Staking Support - For issues relating to our Farms page and Gem Farm.

  • 🏛️Governance Support - Any issues relating to the veHoney token and our governance page.

  • 🤝Collaboration Support - For anyone that wants to collaborate with Honey DAO, our protocol, or anything pertaining to Honey!

  • 🧠Hivemind Support - For usage requests, API keys, or integration of

  • 📩 General Support - Any issues that don’t pertain to the categories above.

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