Repay a loan

Pay back or close NFT loans on Honey Finance
Step 1 - Connect
Step 2 - Market selection
Step 3 - Repay form

Connect wallet

You will first need to connect your Solana wallet to the application. Simply click connect wallet, select your wallet provider, and approve the prompt from your wallet provider to connect to the website.

Select a market

Head over to the borrow page, where you will see a list of available markets.
Each market serves an NFT collection, select a market for an NFT that you own, and your NFTs from the selected collection will show up on the right.

Access the repay form

Once you select a market, you will be prompted with the borrow form of your current loan in that market.
Select the REPAY tab at the top, to access the repay form.

Repay partially

You can repay part of your debt in order to bring down your risk level and avoid liquidation.
On the repay form, the slider adds SOL to your position. As you slide it, you will notice the values on the right side change, giving you a preview of what your loan will look like if you confirm the repayment.

Repay in full

To fully repay your loan, and withdraw collateral, click on the 100% at the right of the slider, or bring the slider all the way to the right.
This will bring your risk level back to 0%, allowing you to withdraw the NFT. Click the REPAY button, and approve the wallet transactions. Once the transaction has gone through, you will see a CLAIM NFT button. Click it to receive the NFT you originally deposited back into your wallet.